Sunday, 4 April 2010

If music be the food of love, let's eat it

Hello. Yes, I'm terrible at blogging. Well, so was Jesus. And I don't hear you criticising him.

Or is that Him? Never was sure about he capitalisation thing. Seems odd to me.

Here are some things that pass through my cavernous and all powerful mind.


Today is Easter Sunday. C and I managed to effectively 'do lent' and stay away from supermarkets for the last few weeks. We were going to celebrate our own briliance today by going there to buy Easter eggs, but wouldn't you know it - they're shut. For Easter. Or maybe they've simply gone out of business without my child-like impulse buys to sustain their income streams.

Anyway, it was a good thing to do, and we'll probably more or less stick to it, with the odd trip to stock up on Lapsang Souchong and chorizo. We've spent less, and the local food is loads better. Best of all has been the meat - my goodness, it is beautiful from the local butcher. And the vegetables from the garden centre farm shop place are lovely. And that's not all. There's the sense of interacting more with the area a little - getting to know the people who run the smaller businesses a bit. It has been a good thing, and I recommend it.

Four Lions

In other news, I met Chris Morris. This was tremendously exciting and I think I managed not to be too embarrassing when I shook his hand and screamed 'You are, literally, my God. Please have sex with me!' Or something. It's all a bit of a blur now. But it was very pleasing. His new film - Four Lions - is a very funny and insightful pieice of work which will probably be hard to track down but is certainly worth it. Maybe I'll just buy everyone the DVD for Christmas. That'll make for a cheery boxing day - suicide bomber comedy.

Who Joy

Doctor Who season is upon us once more, and so last night the house was full of people. I love these evenings. People, wine and time to talk. (Not during Who, though, obviously. That would mean certain death.) Matt Smith seems very fine, and I am confident that we are in for the best season yet. I love Doctor Who so much that I sometimes want to cry.

Maybe if someone made a really good, HBO style TV show about Jesus, I'd feel that way about the Gospel too. When I actually get into the bible - usually when it's read out loud and with some passion - I get it, and think it's great and life changing. And that's good. All I'm saying is... maybe it could be broken down into 45 minute episodes and set to a kick ass soundtrack. And have some attractive women in it. And cliffhangers. I like cliffhangers.

I should probably go, before blasphemy overtakes me. Happy Easter, everyone. Send chocolate.